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Are you looking for ECU Remapping Service in Birmingham?

ECU remapping has become quite mainstream these days owing to its multifaceted benefits; the process helps remap car engine performance per your driving habits and the terrain you drive on.

If you are looking for a reliable workshop that can provide cost-effective ECU Remapping Birmingham, come to us at Tops Techs Birmingham Ltd . We have professionals with extensive knowledge of the ECU remapping process. They are aware of all the latest software used in modern cars. These experts will offer a personal consultation to understand your needs. Accordingly, they will chip and tune the car ECU setting with high-end third-party software.

What Is ECU?

ECU or Engine Control Unit is an onboard computer. The ECU has manufacturer default software, using which it controls and tracks several crucial engine mechanisms like:

  • Ignition timing
  • Air/fuel mixture
  • Acceleration
  • Boost pressure

These variables are described as 'maps' and stored in the On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system.

About the ECU remapping process

The process of ECU remapping means making necessary changes to the software to enhance engine response to different road conditions.

We follow a detailed process of car ECU remapping Birmingham at our workshop, as explained below:

Our experts will first converse with you in detail to understand your driving requirements. Following this, they will tap into the car OBD port, usually located under the car dashboard. By tapping into the OBD port, our experts will note the reading of the current ECU map or variable settings. It helps them understand the originally programmed software settings by the manufacturer and find the possible adjustments that can be made.

We then share the findings with our specialist remapping team, who will develop software or re-adjust the current one per your requirements. They will completely override the current ECU setting with exclusively designed third party software that will improve fuel efficiency, throttle response as well as horsepower of your vehicle.

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