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Is your car’s EML blinking?

There can be several reasons behind it. To confirm the actual cause, opt for professional EML diagnostics Birmingham by Tops Techs Birmingham Ltd . at the earliest.

Why us?

Our highly proficient technicians are adept at tending to all popular car makes and models. Further, they equip advanced techniques and the latest machinery for precise and accurate results.

In addition, we only stock OE-grade spares for replacements of damaged or worn-out components to ensure improved safety and driving comfort.

Are you wondering why this symptom requires immediate attention?

EML or Engine Management Light is a warning light set within the instrument cluster, which you will find in your vehicle’s dashboard. This light connects to Engine Control Unit or ECU. It takes information from the sensors near the engine and exhaust system. In case of any engine component issues, the ECU will trigger EML.

Want to know the reasons behind the blinking EML? It can be due to the followings:

Faltering ignition system

An illuminated EML indicates damaged spark plugs or coils and demands urgent professional assistance to avoid safety concerns.

Clogged DPF or diesel particulate filter

Heavy soot deposition on the DPF disrupts the proper functioning of this component. In such conditions, the engine begins DPF regeneration automatically. When the engine fails to initiate this process, the EML will blink.

Malfunctioning exhaust system

The oxygen sensor of a car’s exhaust system measures the amount of unburnt oxygen that passes through the system. Any issue with this sensor leads to a blinking EML. Further, inaccurate fuel level is another probable reason behind the same.

Disproportionate air and fuel mixture

Accurate air and fuel mixture help in the smooth engine functioning. This mixture burns inside the engine combustion chambers. The ECU takes data from the mass airflow sensor to determine the fuel amount necessary to match the air flowing into the engine.

Therefore, any damage to this sensor or incorrect data it provides will trigger the EML.

However, EML can be of different colours, indicating various causes. Check your car’s handbook for a clear understanding.

Amber EML (an advisory warning indicating a faulty engine that results in compromised emissions)

Flashing Amber EML (signifies engine misfiring and unburned fuel getting to the exhaust system)

Red EML (denoting serious faults)

If you notice either of these 3, reach us at Bannerley Road, Garretts Green ,B33 0SL,Birmingham, UK, for EML diagnostics Birmingham.

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